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Our Saviour, The Good Old British Pub

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It seems I am now being assessed on my social media skills; what a happy coincidence! Now I can rant my way to a BA (Hons) degree! My next post is about ‘my local watering hole’ and why I prefer to sit down the said to work on my blog (rather than in the comfort of my room) and exploring the reasons behind my continued obsession with the pub. This may ring true to some of you.
I have explored the idea of addiction, and I can count this out for the following reasons: if I just wanted a drink, I could down the shops and buy myself a bottle of wine for the price it costs me for a glass of the finest down the pub. Similarly, I could go to the nearest Wetherspoons and drink for half the price of my local. As cliché as it sounds, it all boils down the ‘ambience.’
Definition of ambience: “the character and atmosphere of a place” (thanks and my local definitely does have character. It’s the people that make it; the familiarity and social aspect that I wouldn’t find sat in my room on my own. I don’t make an effort to invite people to join me for a social experience. I just know that they are there if I wish them to be. I think it stems from being an only child. My childhood was a lonely one. Not unhappy and I only recognise the loneliness through recent reflection. But still I think the need for human interaction even if it is indirectly, has been engrained into me.
The modern world can be a lonely place. We were designed to be part of a tribe and we are becoming more and more detached from the tribe mentality. If everyone had a local pub to go to in their hour of need, I think the world would be a happier place. We should never underestimate the value of our fellow folk.
To give credit to the inspiration for this post; my local pub –  xx
Local Pub
Local Pub