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My recent trail of thought has revolved around fear; what types of fear there are and what we associate with fear. I am also looking at the link between fear and the ego.

 I recently read an interesting article (psychologytoday.com) which states that there is only 5 basic fears; extinction, mutilation, loss of autonomy, separation and ego-death. I found this to be quite accurate from my own experience. Some fears will include more than one of these at any one time and separation is intrinsically linked to the ego.

I thought of a few ideas to test this theory and one that stumped me was fear of ghosts. spiritualliving360.com comes up with an interesting concept that it is because they are associated with death or extinction. It could also be a fear of the unknown which could be related to either ego-death or loss of autonomy.

 I have been exploring my own relationship with fear and most of it evolves around the fear of fear – I avoid certain situations not because they are a threat but because I want to avoid the feeling of being scared. A field of enquiry that does send shivers down my spine however is the uncanny – the fine line between animate and inanimate objects, and the suggestions of a fearful element, without the reveal that shatters the illusion.

 I have been trying to represent fear in my recent artwork. Here is a couple of pics I was lucky enough to capture in my local park:

Basingstoke War Memorial Park
Basingstoke War Memorial Park

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