Love v Fear

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I have looked a lot at fear recently, and also love. I think there is a valid connection between both these subjects. They are polar opposites, yet complement each other so naturally. You cannot have love without fear; fear of the loss of the purest human emotion. Yet the feeling of such a negative force as fear only highlights its opposite emotion and elevates it. The fear of the loss of love is the deepest fear you can feel bearing in mind that fear is relative; the greater its juxtaposed emotion the greater the fear. An example would be to compare the fear of losing a small inanimate object to a loved one; the more love you have for something the more you fear for its loss and the greater the pain when it is gone.


Unfortunately in my creative journey into the representation of love, my utopian idealism of such matters has been tarnished. It seems where love goes, fear must follow. The following artwork of mine represents this somewhat:

Love v Fear
Love v Fear

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