Month: January 2014

Enter The Light

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 In the continuation of my analysis of the human side effect; fear, I have found myself questioning why I have subjected myself to the exploration of this subject considering the negative effect such studies can have on a person. Even in the happiest of place I have found myself drudging through my sub-conscious to squeeze out any previously undiscovered thoughts and feeling on fear. This has led me to a place where I find myself asking if there is any need for fear at all (other than the obvious; keeping us out of danger)

 It is sometimes helpful to study subjects juxtaposed with their opposites. By doing this I was lead to a speedy conclusion to my queries whereby it dawned on me that without the darker emotions such as fear, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the brighter side of life. Without darkness there would be no light as there would be nothing to compare it to. So I would like to take the time to give thanks for the pain and suffering that us humans endure as they help to show us quite how wonderful life can be sometimes too.


Basingstoke Memorial Park
Basingstoke Memorial Park