Month: October 2015

I want the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me god!

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I am angered and appalled on a daily basis by the lack of transparency and downright clandestine approach the government takes to matters of public interest. I list the particular subjects I refer to in increasing order of annoyance:


  • The withholding of information on astronomical research and extra-terrestrial activity
  • Threats (or lack of threats) to national security
  • The black budget
  • The domination of science, in particular medical research, nutrition and climate change


The situation is a model of today’s hierarchical approach to society and the inequality that exists. Who decided who should and shouldn’t have access to information about a world that we all share and we should all exist on as equals? And how do we know that this information is in the right hands? Surely someone who thinks themselves worthy of access to this kind of information and not others is definitely not worthy, and is not the kind of person to be trusted with it in the first place.

Yet again I plead for the truth, unbiased avenues for distributing the truth and more people to start seeking them!


Seek the Truth!
Seek the Truth!