Month: December 2015

At One With the Opposition

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What do you do next when you completely deconstruct your creative ethos to nothingness? My focus changes frequently but this is usually because it has been superseded by a new interest. Now I’ve nothing but an empty void where there was once a cause.

My quandary comes from the realisation that activism creates conflict. It creates two sides existing in binary opposition to each other and this is the kind of separation that I have been campaigning against. Art Activism (or Action Art) wasn’t resonating with me anymore and now I understand why. I want to exist within a synchronised, harmonious environment not one where forces work against each other. It seems however that I am entering dangerous territory where everything is obscured by an idealistic, nauseating purple haze and smells of patchouli oil.

Without wanting to being a hippy about it, I am starting to feel that I should leave the world of angry, transgressive art behind and shift my focus to the promotion of oneness and synchronicity. And it will make for a refreshing change I’m sure.

Peace out.



The Ostrich Rant

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It’s been a while since my last installment; I’ve obviously not had much to ponder or confess. Despite the growing general consensus that our government are incapable of running our country and that war and prejudicial viewpoints are neither big nor clever, we seem to be past the point of no return. And as much as it pains me, I feel as helpless as I’m sure you all do. My usual timely rants and creative outbursts seem powerless in comparison to the idiocracy that is our government. Particularly considering the ease in which they decided upon the appropriateness of violent acts in response to the Paris attacks.

I guess that my confession would therefore be that I am so overwhelmed with everything that’s wrong with the world, that I’ve lost focus. I’m being a proverbial ostrich and my creativity has been buried alongside my head. Maybe now’s not the time for action art, but I can’t just sit back and do nothing. It’s time to seek reformed ostriches and see what the rest of the enlightened world are doing about it all. And since I now live in a community-focused city I’m launching personal project “Research, Network and Get Involved.”