Month: February 2016

How to Blog Your Way to a Better Mood

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Usually when I blog I have troubles or unanswered questions. Externalising these is surprisingly cathartic. So, here we go….

With recent high spirits, my now stagnant mood has surprised me somewhat, which has naturally turned me into a sleuth, seeking clues as to the origins of this terrible affliction. I always from the outset look at my glorious vessel in relation to what it has consumed (diet, alcohol) and what it has or hasn’t been doing (exercise, mindfulness practise, rest and relaxation) If nothing seems too out of sorts here then I turn to the psychological and in drastic times even the metaphysical. I think I will leave the questioning of my existence to another day today though and stick to the psychological.

 Interestingly, even giving myself the time to listen to myself has a positive effect. The blogger is her own therapist, and the audience a sympathetic ear.

So here’s what I think therapist Vicki would say to me today: “Life is full of ups and downs, peaks and troughs and even when life is good you cannot plateau at a naturally high state. After an extended time of feeling good it is natural for your mood to dip. You may experience lethargy, melancholy and restlessness. It’s common during these times to look forward to good things to come, but try to not spend too much time in the future. Even though this present moment is difficult it can teach you a valuable lesson. You will be more likely to return to high spirits quicker if you accept your mood for what it is and embrace it where possible. Low moods provide a contrast from which high spirits can be measure against. Be thankful for your low moods because they make those good moods great.”

See, I’m feeling better already!