Month: September 2017

Going Mobile

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I’ve noticed recently that the functions of mobile technology are quickly overtaking their separate, less compact and less accessible equivalents. My relatively technical DSLR doesn’t seem to be able to do much more than the camera on my phone, and i don’t use the full Adobe suite I pay for and use on my amply equipped, high spec laptop any more than the free app I have on my phone. Even blogging on my phone seems pain-free.

I thought I would demonstrate this new found….freedom I suppose, with a showcase of a few snaps I took and edited, of my partners recent cider brewing mission (he too has inadvertently got on the homegrown, homemade, screw the system bandwagon)

Introduction to Food Stories

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Confessions in Change

I wanted to share some food ideas, but I first wanted to think about how I would present them. I didn’t want to get bogged down with exact measurements or nutritional information as I do not have the tools nor the patience for this. I am therefore going to be writing some “food stories”.

I also wanted to question my motives for my food choices. I explore low calorie and low carb and initially, and narcissistically I approached these disciplines because I wanted to shift some weight. My priorities have now changed but I have taken away much more from the low carb mind-set than the hope of weight loss. It has taught me how to make meals more nutrient dense by replacing pasta, potatoes and bread with unprocessed, plant based alternatives.

I’ve spoken many times about my dislike for the pharmaceutical and large-scale agricultural industries that promote poor health…

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