Left-Wing v Right-Wing

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Politics seems to be the new trend. It’s at the forefront of everyone’s attention and we all want to get involved. Either that or my age is reflecting my interests! Although the recent turnouts at the polling stations seemed to say otherwise.

Until relatively recently I wasn’t even sure what ‘left-wing’ and ‘right-wing’ even meant. Now there seems there is a clear gap between the two and ‘left-wing’ seems to be the increasingly popular persuasion. This has made me wonder how people settle into their preferred ‘wing’ and whether there is any benefit to a right-wing society.

The definition of left-wing (“The radical, reforming, or socialist section of a political party or system” suggests that the current system is right-wing. By definition, right-wing is concerned with enterprise and private ownership as well as opposing any reformation from the left-wing ( This makes sense considering we are living in a capitalist society, and sure, there is some need to concern ourselves with the trade that keeps our monetary system afloat, but why does it all need to be privately owned? Wouldn’t it be better if we all worked together?

Rather than the conservative’s organisational perspective of private ownership, socialism gives the power back to the people. This could mean the decentralisation of the system and the localisation of power over production and trade. So the power is taken away from the large corporations and given back to the people – no more monopolisation of basic human requirements such as food, fuel and medical care. That doesn’t seem so bad does it?

So why are the righty’s such advocates for the corporations? Are they still conditioned to believe that they are acting in our best interests? That they care more about the people and the environment than they do about money and power? It’s no coincidence that the rise of socialist views corresponds with the realisation of the corruption of the modern world. Or that people have started to take a dislike for the concentration of wealth – the 1%.

I was going to try and write neutral post, but I guess I’m a lefty through and through! Here’s my depiction of a ‘righty’ in 3D:


Green Activism

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Like most, I’m very aware of global issues and feel obligated to help in some way. Because there is so much wrong with the world however, it’s difficult to decide where to focus my efforts. My natural response is self-preservation. Because it is no longer a case of if the system will crumble, but when. And when that time comes, or ideally long before; we need to be self-sustainable.

My method is to break it all down to our fundamental needs as humans and work out how to ensure that those needs are met in an increasingly unstable world. Having a proactive response to this then not only ensures future survival when the system starts to break down, but distances me from the system, contributing to it’s collapse. Hopefully documenting my efforts will aid and inspire others to do the same.

How is this relevant to my art practice? My art is and continues to be a creative response to my internal and external world. With age this response is becoming less transgressive and more pragmatic but still a powerful platform for change.

So, on that note….we are now warmly welcoming the start of summer. Time to put a green finger up to global production and mindless consumption by getting out in the garden


The Ever-Regenerating ‘Me’

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How many times do you find yourself saying “this is the new me” or “I’m turning over a new leaf”…? The reality is that you will go through this process of renewal throughout your whole life. Our lives are in a state of flux; just because you are turning another page to reveal another you, doesn’t mean that the previous you was any less new than it’s preceding ones. I used to think that every time I turned over a new leaf it would be the start of the last ‘new me’ but we grow, regenerate and change and it’s only natural that the ‘new you’ you are starting requires a different outcome from the ‘new you’ from the last chapter. A little ponder for you there. Embrace every new you and give each one the prevalence it deserves!

Red ‘n’ black and happy again…




How to Blog Your Way to a Better Mood

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Usually when I blog I have troubles or unanswered questions. Externalising these is surprisingly cathartic. So, here we go….

With recent high spirits, my now stagnant mood has surprised me somewhat, which has naturally turned me into a sleuth, seeking clues as to the origins of this terrible affliction. I always from the outset look at my glorious vessel in relation to what it has consumed (diet, alcohol) and what it has or hasn’t been doing (exercise, mindfulness practise, rest and relaxation) If nothing seems too out of sorts here then I turn to the psychological and in drastic times even the metaphysical. I think I will leave the questioning of my existence to another day today though and stick to the psychological.

 Interestingly, even giving myself the time to listen to myself has a positive effect. The blogger is her own therapist, and the audience a sympathetic ear.

So here’s what I think therapist Vicki would say to me today: “Life is full of ups and downs, peaks and troughs and even when life is good you cannot plateau at a naturally high state. After an extended time of feeling good it is natural for your mood to dip. You may experience lethargy, melancholy and restlessness. It’s common during these times to look forward to good things to come, but try to not spend too much time in the future. Even though this present moment is difficult it can teach you a valuable lesson. You will be more likely to return to high spirits quicker if you accept your mood for what it is and embrace it where possible. Low moods provide a contrast from which high spirits can be measure against. Be thankful for your low moods because they make those good moods great.”

See, I’m feeling better already!


At One With the Opposition

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What do you do next when you completely deconstruct your creative ethos to nothingness? My focus changes frequently but this is usually because it has been superseded by a new interest. Now I’ve nothing but an empty void where there was once a cause.

My quandary comes from the realisation that activism creates conflict. It creates two sides existing in binary opposition to each other and this is the kind of separation that I have been campaigning against. Art Activism (or Action Art) wasn’t resonating with me anymore and now I understand why. I want to exist within a synchronised, harmonious environment not one where forces work against each other. It seems however that I am entering dangerous territory where everything is obscured by an idealistic, nauseating purple haze and smells of patchouli oil.

Without wanting to being a hippy about it, I am starting to feel that I should leave the world of angry, transgressive art behind and shift my focus to the promotion of oneness and synchronicity. And it will make for a refreshing change I’m sure.

Peace out.




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Welcome to Confessions In Art. I suppose the best place to start would be the reason behind this blog.

 I have been blogging for a few years now; this is my second blog. I have been using blogging as a creative tool to publicise my achievements in art. To some degree I would like to use this blog to carry this on, but thought a new blog was necessary due to the direction my artwork seems to be taking. I have recently been exploring the bounds and possibilities of confessional art after the realisation of the cathartic nature of my work. I have been working on an art journal over the summer and would like to take this further by documenting the exploration of the depths of my subconscious.

 Therefore, this blog is also a piece of artwork within itself; an online art journal. And naturally, it will be self-medicated therapy and a virtual public confession of the workings of my psyche. Enjoy!

Have Your Cake and Smoke it
Have Your Cake and Smoke it