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Welcome to Confessions In Art. I suppose the best place to start would be the reason behind this blog.

 I have been blogging for a few years now; this is my second blog. I have been using blogging as a creative tool to publicise my achievements in art. To some degree I would like to use this blog to carry this on, but thought a new blog was necessary due to the direction my artwork seems to be taking. I have recently been exploring the bounds and possibilities of confessional art after the realisation of the cathartic nature of my work. I have been working on an art journal over the summer and would like to take this further by documenting the exploration of the depths of my subconscious.

 Therefore, this blog is also a piece of artwork within itself; an online art journal. And naturally, it will be self-medicated therapy and a virtual public confession of the workings of my psyche. Enjoy!

Have Your Cake and Smoke it
Have Your Cake and Smoke it