Lyrical Rant

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Confessions in Change


In my despair, I turn to a universal dialect

Hoping that my words and tones will earn enough respect

Please take heed, forget your greed; instead just hear my message

Brought to you tonally, emotively yet passively aggressive


Whilst you’re drowning in your oil reserves I’ll shower you with love

In your fracking induced sink hole I’ll be helping from above

When you’re choking on your pennies, I’ll be the force you need

And I’ll stand by you with all my might and save you from your greed.

My song is confined by my quest to not pass blame

But it’s hard as an observer to watch this world in pain

When there’s people with the power to make the pain subside

If they’d only drop they’re power trip, put differences aside

Instead it’s just the bombs that drop whilst ignorance increases

The rich get rich and greedy whilst…

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