Mr. Google – Why Won’t My Baby Sleep?

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I’m a self confessed ‘Googler’. Most of the time i search for answers on the Internet and find the most extreme outcome. Definitely not healthy for a catastrophiser. And when you become a parent you catastrophise about the health and wellbeing of your offspring as well as your own.

Talking as a former babyphobe, posts about parenthood are generally boring at best, nauseating at most. But if feel i need to rant this one out for the sake of my own sanity as well as for other new parents out there.

I have been scared into believing that if i don’t follow all the advice out there i’m going to create a monster. I’ve spent the last eight months panicking that i’m going to end up with a child that never sleeps.

You get told a lot of things when you are expecting or the parent of a small child but here’s two things that i did not get told. The first is a warning but i’m hoping that the second will bring some comfort.

Firstly, people joke that you can kiss sleep goodbye, but they don’t explain that this is a byproduct of the battle to get your baby to sleep. Whoever came up with the expression “sleeping like a baby” was the biggest joker of all. Yes all babies are different and not everyone will have this problem, but from personal experience and my trawling of the virtual world of distraught parents; some babies just won’t sleep!

Here’s the second bit of advice, the good news…. sometimes you just have to be patient so stop panicking and just enjoy your child. Trust your instincts and know that you’ve got this . It may feel that your child will never sleep through the night, or you’ll never get that magical three hour nap from them so you can actually get some time to yourself. But it does happen, they will sleep on their own and my eight month old is evidence of that.

So….stop believing everything you read, stop being scaremongered and enjoy those precious moments. Your baby can sleep in your arms sometimes, they can come into your bed and you don’t have to leave them to scream themselves to sleep.

Now i just need to remember my own advice when i reach the next hurdle! Oh, and as this is an art blog, here’s a sketch of my bundle of joy, well rested and fresh from his nap!

Introduction to Food Stories

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Confessions in Change

I wanted to share some food ideas, but I first wanted to think about how I would present them. I didn’t want to get bogged down with exact measurements or nutritional information as I do not have the tools nor the patience for this. I am therefore going to be writing some “food stories”.

I also wanted to question my motives for my food choices. I explore low calorie and low carb and initially, and narcissistically I approached these disciplines because I wanted to shift some weight. My priorities have now changed but I have taken away much more from the low carb mind-set than the hope of weight loss. It has taught me how to make meals more nutrient dense by replacing pasta, potatoes and bread with unprocessed, plant based alternatives.

I’ve spoken many times about my dislike for the pharmaceutical and large-scale agricultural industries that promote poor health…

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Weightlifting: One for My Summer Tick List

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Confessions in Change

It is already common knowledge that exercise has big mental and physical health benefits. However there is always something else to find to do rather than exercise. The more you enjoy it though, the more likely you are to do it. I found interesting article on collective-evolution.com where no cardio is involved at all, just weight lifting, video’s below and you can find the article here

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New Media Takeover!

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Confessions in Change

It has taken me a lot of deliberation and consideration to work out who’s these “powers that be” are that I keep referring to. If we knew who had caused all this mess, then this would surely lead to possible solutions towards clearing it up.

With a little help from Adam Curtis as well as the constant bombardment of political coverage it is now evident to me that although politicians aren’t the squeaky-cleanest of folk; they are not entirely to blame for the state of society. They may walk the walk and talk the talk, but it’s all just spiel, banter, and really they are just as clueless as the rest of us. They don’t know who the enemy is, they don’t know how to make things better and they are powerless to the deterioration of the human race.

The next contenders in this blame game are the banks and…

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Hear My Plea: My Letter to You

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Confessions in Change

Dear the powers that be,

(whoever you are, the people who are supposed to be looking after us, the people that have the power to make a difference, the people who are supposed to have our best interests at heart, transparent and upstanding, for the good of the people – your people),

Have you ventured out into the real world recently? Have you noticed peoples pain and suffering, the inequality and injustices that people endure? Do you care?

I’m writing to you to tell you that I have stopped taking my medication; the medication I was put on to help with the pain, prescribed by the people I should trust in the medical profession, and who should trust that their diagnosis has come from a fully researched and funded sources. Or have they come from corporations that get rich off the sick and fail to heal them? Where would their money…

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Lyrical Rant

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Confessions in Change


In my despair, I turn to a universal dialect

Hoping that my words and tones will earn enough respect

Please take heed, forget your greed; instead just hear my message

Brought to you tonally, emotively yet passively aggressive


Whilst you’re drowning in your oil reserves I’ll shower you with love

In your fracking induced sink hole I’ll be helping from above

When you’re choking on your pennies, I’ll be the force you need

And I’ll stand by you with all my might and save you from your greed.

My song is confined by my quest to not pass blame

But it’s hard as an observer to watch this world in pain

When there’s people with the power to make the pain subside

If they’d only drop they’re power trip, put differences aside

Instead it’s just the bombs that drop whilst ignorance increases

The rich get rich and greedy whilst…

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A Cyclical Conundrum

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Confessions in Change

dystopia 4 How do you choose what’s important when trying to take actions towards a better world? Anti-Capitalism/consumerism/materialism, social issues, environmental issues? Intolerance, prejudice, lack of freedom? Each one is as important as the other or intrinsically linked and cannot be separated.

Do you choose to bring awareness to this dystopian society, educate people against the values they have been educated to follow? Or do you look to our environment; the one thing we should connect with most in this world, and our brothers and sisters who are individual pieces of the same puzzle. Do we use science to make people understand? That we create our own reality through conscious intentions. Quantum physics could put to bed even the most draconian views of our existence. (Even the pope cannot deny science it’s reverence!)

Or do you start with yourself; try to resonate with the world and it’s inhabitants? Understand the benefits of…

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