Until The Cows Come Home

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I’ve been left uni over a year now and only now am I finally starting to come round to the idea of creating again. The system sucked my creative flow right out of me rather than set me free. Not that I’m not grateful for my piece of paper that tells me I’m officially a certified artist, whatever that’s supposed to be.

The problems that arose from being in an environment that pushed me to explore the boundaries between life and art, is that I was left even more confused about what is my ‘art’ and what’s just my life.

My interests naturally feed into my artwork but sometimes it’s difficult to express those interests in a way that fits into my own idealisms of what my artwork should be.

But… I’ve had a while to think about it now and my new clean living lifestyle is definitely having a positive impact on my want to create, and I’m starting to look forward to seeing how things pan out.

A sneak preview of what’s to come:

Until the Cows Come Home


The Ostrich Rant

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It’s been a while since my last installment; I’ve obviously not had much to ponder or confess. Despite the growing general consensus that our government are incapable of running our country and that war and prejudicial viewpoints are neither big nor clever, we seem to be past the point of no return. And as much as it pains me, I feel as helpless as I’m sure you all do. My usual timely rants and creative outbursts seem powerless in comparison to the idiocracy that is our government. Particularly considering the ease in which they decided upon the appropriateness of violent acts in response to the Paris attacks.

I guess that my confession would therefore be that I am so overwhelmed with everything that’s wrong with the world, that I’ve lost focus. I’m being a proverbial ostrich and my creativity has been buried alongside my head. Maybe now’s not the time for action art, but I can’t just sit back and do nothing. It’s time to seek reformed ostriches and see what the rest of the enlightened world are doing about it all. And since I now live in a community-focused city I’m launching personal project “Research, Network and Get Involved.”



In Limbo

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As I have dedicated the last couple of months to research and reading, there hasn’t been much to report by way of creativity. As a confessor however, my life and woes are my art so I’d like to take the opportunity to check in and weigh up my current status.

Fitness 5/10: I haven’t been to as many Muay Thai classes as I would have liked, although there has been several celebrations of late including celebrating/commiserating my turning 32.

Diet 7/10: A bit of a mixed bag on this one, but overall not a bad effort. Maybe a few downfalls of an alcoholic nature and too much sugar

Environment n/a: It would be unfair to myself to score this one as I am about to move house, so I’ll re-assess this one once settled.

Productivity/Creativity 8/10: It was my full intention to take it easy over the summer break, however I have still managed a considerable amount of reading and writing.

Spirituality 6/10: Although I have whole-heartedly engaged in the absorption of information useful for my spiritual development, the meditation seems to have halted.

I’m not too bothered about the fitness, as I can pick this up again easily. I have however highlighted the lack of meditation in my life at the moment. With my possessions almost packed up, this will give me a good opportunity to clear my mind. The rest of my life however is on hold until the move. In limbo.

In Limbo