Joseph Beuys

The Complicated Task of Changing the World

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It’s time I returned to confessing. Apparently I am a lot more productive when I have things to confess about.

This time I am asking myself what my ethos really is. If I am to make artwork, what do I want it to say to people?

Art is a platform to reach the masses, so the message (if there is one) needs to be fully considered. I have recently written a paper on Joseph Beuys and what an inspiration that guy has been! He did a stand-up job of engaging a wide audience in worthwhile discussions.

I have a lot of interests that could look completely unrelated to the un-trained eye but these are personal line’s of enquiry that compliment my ethos. They don’t however specify what it is I want to talk to people about. This is why I am now interrogating myself; to find out what I DO want to talk to people about.

Inevitably I will end up answering my own questions, which fulfils the purpose of my writings today. I am however happy that you join me on this adventure into my subconscious to uncover the answers that I am seeking.

So, the first question: What is the most important message that I would like to get across….?

…I guess I want to encourage people to loosen the shackles of society to live a more fulfilling life outside of their c0nditioning, so that together as a race we can experience freedom and abundance in a diverse, expressive and harmonious world.

I suppose I want to create a utopian idealism, and to promote this I need to educate on what is currently preventing this idealism and ways that could help us to achieve it. So my direction will be as follows:


Reaching Utopia

What’s stopping us?

Social conditioning – consumerism, materialism

Inequality – Monetary System, Capitalism

Negative consequences of modern society that affect our physical and mental health – Addictions, distractions (back to consumerism/materialism)

How to help

Education – Health and wellbeing

Awareness – about “what’s stopping us?”


Great! Thanks Me. You’re welcome! 😉