In Limbo

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As I have dedicated the last couple of months to research and reading, there hasn’t been much to report by way of creativity. As a confessor however, my life and woes are my art so I’d like to take the opportunity to check in and weigh up my current status.

Fitness 5/10: I haven’t been to as many Muay Thai classes as I would have liked, although there has been several celebrations of late including celebrating/commiserating my turning 32.

Diet 7/10: A bit of a mixed bag on this one, but overall not a bad effort. Maybe a few downfalls of an alcoholic nature and too much sugar

Environment n/a: It would be unfair to myself to score this one as I am about to move house, so I’ll re-assess this one once settled.

Productivity/Creativity 8/10: It was my full intention to take it easy over the summer break, however I have still managed a considerable amount of reading and writing.

Spirituality 6/10: Although I have whole-heartedly engaged in the absorption of information useful for my spiritual development, the meditation seems to have halted.

I’m not too bothered about the fitness, as I can pick this up again easily. I have however highlighted the lack of meditation in my life at the moment. With my possessions almost packed up, this will give me a good opportunity to clear my mind. The rest of my life however is on hold until the move. In limbo.

In Limbo