The human race is on the brink of its next stage of evolution…..

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The human race is on the brink of its next stage of evolution…...

The Unrealistic Idealism

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I have recently had an epiphany that I have set unrealistic expectations for most things in my life. This in turn makes me frustrated when things don’t play out. I think sometimes our views can be polluted by external sources such as media and history and these views are not in keeping with reality and the times that we live in. Sometimes panic washes over me that I am now well into my thirties and I haven’t got a mortgage or 2.4 children, but if I did I wouldn’t be well on my way to an art degree or have freedom or choice. It may have suited the average Joe back in the 20th century, but we are not there and I am not him.

Even the smaller things in life can be tainted by expectations, from how a film should be enjoyed or how a night out should pan out. I find myself striving for idealisms that just don’t exist and things that I think will make me happy don’t. It’s then that I miss out on true happiness, because if you are always striving for this unattainable reality then you are never going to be satisfied. Although it’s simple enough to say “lay back and enjoy the ride” of course it’s easier said than done. But maybe it’s a useful affirmation to remind ourselves when life seems to be getting out of control.


The Story so Far

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I recently watched Morgan Freeman’s through the wormhole. It has got me thinking about in my spiritual and scientific beliefs, and after a large period of adjustment I thought it appropriate to revisit such matters to develop a clearer understanding of the world.

I am by no means religious. In fact I am quite against the idea. If life was simpler religion is a nice idealism, but in this world most systems are fraught with power struggles especially religious ones which teach hierchacy and feed on fear. To introduce an all-seeing, all-knowing deity is to create a tool to control the masses. Once you have them where you want them, behaving themselves because they have the fear of god in them, you can manipulate them as you please and gods name can then be used in all manner of ways.

 I do however believe in a higher power. I think that it is way beyond our human comprehension therefore indescribable due to our limitations in communication at this stage of our evolution.  I don’t think this is anything particularly mystical, I don’t  think it is an entity, but an ultimate force, an energy source that we are all part of. (We can see our connection to this source and our own share of this energy though our auras.) I don’t think that this source/force is vengeful or judgemental or indeed is capable of any human emotion or affliction but experiences these things through us, and that is our job in this matrix. I don’t think we will ever fully understand the workings of the cosmos as human beings things will make a lot more sense the more developed we get. I believe quantum mechanics is the closet we have got so far.

 I think people have a warped view of reality, I’m not even sure that the material world is any more than a projection. In scientific terms, we use the signals sent to our brain from our sensory perception to create an image of the world. Thinking along the lines of quantum mechanics, if we are not looking, is this world still there? And if it is, are we seeing things as they really are or the only way we are able to comprehend them? I think we have a warped view of time and space. I am inclined to believe that time in not linear, in fact I think that time is a made up word created to understand decay within a material world. I have heard theories to suggest that everything is actually happening at once. This would support phenomenon’s such as Deja-vu, apparitions and fortune telling and I definitely think it is a theory not to be ruled out. Another theory is that there are other planes of existence that run alongside our material plane, such as the astral plane. This would explain astral projection, ghosts, the different levels of enlightenment and even some kind of immaterial heavenly place as described by many religions. It could also be possible that there are more senses than we are currently aware of. If some people have extra sensory perception would they be able to tap into some or all of the phenomenon’s mentioned by leaving our time/space perception or plane of existence? It would also make sense that our next step in evolution would be a development of extra senses as well as the technological revolution we are currently going through.

 This seems like a very whistle-stop tour of some very big subjects, but that is exactly why I am keeping it so brief as these are subjects could fill several books, so only the outline is needed at this stage. Of course it all sounds very mystical and celestial, but if it were comprehendible to us then it may just be seen like another scientific theory. The next stop is life after death.

Is there nothing after death? I am a dualist and believe in the soul, therefore once our material body has gone there has to be a place for the soul. Where this is would determine how much work your soul has left to do. If you have satisfied your soul in the material world, then it can go on to be closer to the source (enlightenment/heaven). If there is still work to do, then a reincarnation would be appropriate.

 I think the only thing left to cover is extra-terrestrials. I do believe they exist. I believe that it is possible for them to contact us by manipulating the time/space perception. It is more than possible that they walk amongst us today and that we have bred with them to create star-seeds; the offspring of intergalactic interbreeding.

 So some pretty radical ideas, but I thought I would put them out there. You never know; someone might agree with me or have some interesting evidence to support or discredit my claims.