Until The Cows Come Home

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I’ve been left uni over a year now and only now am I finally starting to come round to the idea of creating again. The system sucked my creative flow right out of me rather than set me free. Not that I’m not grateful for my piece of paper that tells me I’m officially a certified artist, whatever that’s supposed to be.

The problems that arose from being in an environment that pushed me to explore the boundaries between life and art, is that I was left even more confused about what is my ‘art’ and what’s just my life.

My interests naturally feed into my artwork but sometimes it’s difficult to express those interests in a way that fits into my own idealisms of what my artwork should be.

But… I’ve had a while to think about it now and my new clean living lifestyle is definitely having a positive impact on my want to create, and I’m starting to look forward to seeing how things pan out.

A sneak preview of what’s to come:

Until the Cows Come Home

Film Debut!

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I am soon to debut my latest film work at Southampton Solent’s Degree show!

My degree show work is a selection of films. They explore how society serves us badly. “Look What You’ve Done” is about tragedy, addiction, mental health and assassination. “Rats in a Cage” explores the administering of badly prescribed pharmaceutical medication, the lack of support for a life free from mass-produced, nutrient depleted, environmentally disastrous food and energy sources and uses lab rats and street and graffiti art in parallel to reflect society’s flaws and a stand against them. “Fight for your Rights” documents one the ways I cope with these realisations; to fight, constructively. All films explore my ethos but from different angles; pain witnessed so publically, a reflection of personal protest and my coping mechanism for these mental reflections.

Look What You’ve Done uses my muses; the people whose music and messages I have listened to and felt an overwhelming empathy for. I feel that their deaths were in vain and that if we lived in a world that cared less about money and power and more about the health and wellbeing of our fellow humans, then they needn’t have suffered such fates.

Vicki B 3

Rats in a Cage is a visual development of a sound piece I made entitled “Dear the Powers That Be”; an attack on the pharmaceutical industries and consumption. The film documents my slow struggle to achieve self-sufficiency; sourcing materials, building planters, compost bins, planting vegetables and creating sustainable heat sources. It also gives clues as to why I am embarking on this journey and uses the parallels observed in the Rat Park experiment.

Vicki B 2

Fight for your Rights shows my way of coping with my turmoil in the best, healthiest and most constructive way that works for me. It paradoxically uses violence as a solution by practising the sport of Muay Thai to cope with feelings of anger and maintain a positive mental attitude through exercise and distraction.

Vicki B 1

You can see previews of “Fight for Your Rights” and “Look What You’ve Done” on my Video Work page and details of the exhibition can be found under the Events page.