Money or Health & Wellbeing? Not Such a Straightforward Answer it Seems…

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Well it’s a sad day for a lot of people in Britain today. It seems that people’s priorities still lie with their banks accounts rather than the health and wellbeing of the country. I only hope you’re happy sat in your mansions whilst the rest of us suffer our austerities. My hopes that as a country we were starting to wake up and see things for what they really are have been quashed. My idealistic dreams of an enlightened and empathic society; crushed.

The only positive I can take from it all is the pride I feel for the people in my life that have shown overwhelmingly how much they care about their country and the people who reside there. Politics isn’t the most enjoyable of topics to take a keen interest in, yet people have engaged and taken action. My hope is that they continue to fight for the good of the nation.



The Complicated Task of Changing the World

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It’s time I returned to confessing. Apparently I am a lot more productive when I have things to confess about.

This time I am asking myself what my ethos really is. If I am to make artwork, what do I want it to say to people?

Art is a platform to reach the masses, so the message (if there is one) needs to be fully considered. I have recently written a paper on Joseph Beuys and what an inspiration that guy has been! He did a stand-up job of engaging a wide audience in worthwhile discussions.

I have a lot of interests that could look completely unrelated to the un-trained eye but these are personal line’s of enquiry that compliment my ethos. They don’t however specify what it is I want to talk to people about. This is why I am now interrogating myself; to find out what I DO want to talk to people about.

Inevitably I will end up answering my own questions, which fulfils the purpose of my writings today. I am however happy that you join me on this adventure into my subconscious to uncover the answers that I am seeking.

So, the first question: What is the most important message that I would like to get across….?

…I guess I want to encourage people to loosen the shackles of society to live a more fulfilling life outside of their c0nditioning, so that together as a race we can experience freedom and abundance in a diverse, expressive and harmonious world.

I suppose I want to create a utopian idealism, and to promote this I need to educate on what is currently preventing this idealism and ways that could help us to achieve it. So my direction will be as follows:


Reaching Utopia

What’s stopping us?

Social conditioning – consumerism, materialism

Inequality – Monetary System, Capitalism

Negative consequences of modern society that affect our physical and mental health – Addictions, distractions (back to consumerism/materialism)

How to help

Education – Health and wellbeing

Awareness – about “what’s stopping us?”


Great! Thanks Me. You’re welcome! 😉