Month: September 2014


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Mother: “You need to stop psychoanalysing everything!?”

Why? Because it has taught me that my issues stem from my sheltered childhood and my disjointed relationship to those held dearest to me? It helps me to realise the reasons for the issues that entertain my conscious. If do not know myself/my selves, how can I make sense of this nonsense that is my mind? If I am not aware of what I should not entertain how am I to know what I should? And how would I make a distinction between what is reality and what is the lie that we live, conditioned and consuming.

I believe in true happiness, that which is pure and not sought through materiality. This is something that you will never understand, and a view that you will never accept.

So wish me happiness and peace. Bless my journey; every right and wrong turn that will be the making of me. Be thankful that I know the truth and don’t question that which I know. It is better that I question everything than live I life not lived.


In Limbo

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As I have dedicated the last couple of months to research and reading, there hasn’t been much to report by way of creativity. As a confessor however, my life and woes are my art so I’d like to take the opportunity to check in and weigh up my current status.

Fitness 5/10: I haven’t been to as many Muay Thai classes as I would have liked, although there has been several celebrations of late including celebrating/commiserating my turning 32.

Diet 7/10: A bit of a mixed bag on this one, but overall not a bad effort. Maybe a few downfalls of an alcoholic nature and too much sugar

Environment n/a: It would be unfair to myself to score this one as I am about to move house, so I’ll re-assess this one once settled.

Productivity/Creativity 8/10: It was my full intention to take it easy over the summer break, however I have still managed a considerable amount of reading and writing.

Spirituality 6/10: Although I have whole-heartedly engaged in the absorption of information useful for my spiritual development, the meditation seems to have halted.

I’m not too bothered about the fitness, as I can pick this up again easily. I have however highlighted the lack of meditation in my life at the moment. With my possessions almost packed up, this will give me a good opportunity to clear my mind. The rest of my life however is on hold until the move. In limbo.

In Limbo