Month: May 2014

The Unrealistic Idealism

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I have recently had an epiphany that I have set unrealistic expectations for most things in my life. This in turn makes me frustrated when things don’t play out. I think sometimes our views can be polluted by external sources such as media and history and these views are not in keeping with reality and the times that we live in. Sometimes panic washes over me that I am now well into my thirties and I haven’t got a mortgage or 2.4 children, but if I did I wouldn’t be well on my way to an art degree or have freedom or choice. It may have suited the average Joe back in the 20th century, but we are not there and I am not him.

Even the smaller things in life can be tainted by expectations, from how a film should be enjoyed or how a night out should pan out. I find myself striving for idealisms that just don’t exist and things that I think will make me happy don’t. It’s then that I miss out on true happiness, because if you are always striving for this unattainable reality then you are never going to be satisfied. Although it’s simple enough to say “lay back and enjoy the ride” of course it’s easier said than done. But maybe it’s a useful affirmation to remind ourselves when life seems to be getting out of control.