Green Activism

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Like most, I’m very aware of global issues and feel obligated to help in some way. Because there is so much wrong with the world however, it’s difficult to decide where to focus my efforts. My natural response is self-preservation. Because it is no longer a case of if the system will crumble, but when. And when that time comes, or ideally long before; we need to be self-sustainable.

My method is to break it all down to our fundamental needs as humans and work out how to ensure that those needs are met in an increasingly unstable world. Having a proactive response to this then not only ensures future survival when the system starts to break down, but distances me from the system, contributing to it’s collapse. Hopefully documenting my efforts will aid and inspire others to do the same.

How is this relevant to my art practice? My art is and continues to be a creative response to my internal and external world. With age this response is becoming less transgressive and more pragmatic but still a powerful platform for change.

So, on that note….we are now warmly welcoming the start of summer. Time to put a green finger up to global production and mindless consumption by getting out in the garden


Until The Cows Come Home

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I’ve been left uni over a year now and only now am I finally starting to come round to the idea of creating again. The system sucked my creative flow right out of me rather than set me free. Not that I’m not grateful for my piece of paper that tells me I’m officially a certified artist, whatever that’s supposed to be.

The problems that arose from being in an environment that pushed me to explore the boundaries between life and art, is that I was left even more confused about what is my ‘art’ and what’s just my life.

My interests naturally feed into my artwork but sometimes it’s difficult to express those interests in a way that fits into my own idealisms of what my artwork should be.

But… I’ve had a while to think about it now and my new clean living lifestyle is definitely having a positive impact on my want to create, and I’m starting to look forward to seeing how things pan out.

A sneak preview of what’s to come:

Until the Cows Come Home

At One With the Opposition

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What do you do next when you completely deconstruct your creative ethos to nothingness? My focus changes frequently but this is usually because it has been superseded by a new interest. Now I’ve nothing but an empty void where there was once a cause.

My quandary comes from the realisation that activism creates conflict. It creates two sides existing in binary opposition to each other and this is the kind of separation that I have been campaigning against. Art Activism (or Action Art) wasn’t resonating with me anymore and now I understand why. I want to exist within a synchronised, harmonious environment not one where forces work against each other. It seems however that I am entering dangerous territory where everything is obscured by an idealistic, nauseating purple haze and smells of patchouli oil.

Without wanting to being a hippy about it, I am starting to feel that I should leave the world of angry, transgressive art behind and shift my focus to the promotion of oneness and synchronicity. And it will make for a refreshing change I’m sure.

Peace out.



It Was All Worth It!

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I have just achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art!

The Complicated Task of Changing the World

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It’s time I returned to confessing. Apparently I am a lot more productive when I have things to confess about.

This time I am asking myself what my ethos really is. If I am to make artwork, what do I want it to say to people?

Art is a platform to reach the masses, so the message (if there is one) needs to be fully considered. I have recently written a paper on Joseph Beuys and what an inspiration that guy has been! He did a stand-up job of engaging a wide audience in worthwhile discussions.

I have a lot of interests that could look completely unrelated to the un-trained eye but these are personal line’s of enquiry that compliment my ethos. They don’t however specify what it is I want to talk to people about. This is why I am now interrogating myself; to find out what I DO want to talk to people about.

Inevitably I will end up answering my own questions, which fulfils the purpose of my writings today. I am however happy that you join me on this adventure into my subconscious to uncover the answers that I am seeking.

So, the first question: What is the most important message that I would like to get across….?

…I guess I want to encourage people to loosen the shackles of society to live a more fulfilling life outside of their c0nditioning, so that together as a race we can experience freedom and abundance in a diverse, expressive and harmonious world.

I suppose I want to create a utopian idealism, and to promote this I need to educate on what is currently preventing this idealism and ways that could help us to achieve it. So my direction will be as follows:


Reaching Utopia

What’s stopping us?

Social conditioning – consumerism, materialism

Inequality – Monetary System, Capitalism

Negative consequences of modern society that affect our physical and mental health – Addictions, distractions (back to consumerism/materialism)

How to help

Education – Health and wellbeing

Awareness – about “what’s stopping us?”


Great! Thanks Me. You’re welcome! 😉






In Limbo

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As I have dedicated the last couple of months to research and reading, there hasn’t been much to report by way of creativity. As a confessor however, my life and woes are my art so I’d like to take the opportunity to check in and weigh up my current status.

Fitness 5/10: I haven’t been to as many Muay Thai classes as I would have liked, although there has been several celebrations of late including celebrating/commiserating my turning 32.

Diet 7/10: A bit of a mixed bag on this one, but overall not a bad effort. Maybe a few downfalls of an alcoholic nature and too much sugar

Environment n/a: It would be unfair to myself to score this one as I am about to move house, so I’ll re-assess this one once settled.

Productivity/Creativity 8/10: It was my full intention to take it easy over the summer break, however I have still managed a considerable amount of reading and writing.

Spirituality 6/10: Although I have whole-heartedly engaged in the absorption of information useful for my spiritual development, the meditation seems to have halted.

I’m not too bothered about the fitness, as I can pick this up again easily. I have however highlighted the lack of meditation in my life at the moment. With my possessions almost packed up, this will give me a good opportunity to clear my mind. The rest of my life however is on hold until the move. In limbo.

In Limbo