Month: February 2015

If it Makes You Happy, Why the Hell Are You so Sad?

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Digressing from the realms of confessional art, my focus has landed on the causes our global epidemic, the symptomatic human condition. Where previously I laid blame on the design flaws of the human psyche, I have recently admitted that there may be other forces at work.

Yes we are living in a virtual reality, forgetting who we really are and living our lives through our egos like characters in a video game. Every completed level providing nothing more than a key to the next, where there’s yet more puzzles, more enemies to beat and more of a chance it seems, of ending up right back at the beginning again. But it’s not the ego alone that keeps us within this construct; it’s also the carefully designed layout of the game. The layout panders to our every want and need. Our own egoic traits being used against us as we blindly consume, acquire and own, whilst forever collecting those little shiny coins.

Now ideally I would like to stop playing this game completely. But until a considerable amount of people also make this choice; we are stuck here because we have no easy alternative. I am on a quest to bring about awareness and therefore bring about change. I, like many others, am trying to change the world. And I do so through my creative endeavours. My artwork is a direct consequence of my quest for knowledge, my search for the truth and my hope for change. My medium where possible reflects my dislike for materialism and consumerism. I use audio-visual technology and online writing to make immaterial art, temporary art and art that tries to escape the evils of commodity fetishism and monetary worth. It only “tries” at the moment because inevitably whilst we’re still stuck in this system it’s much too easy to get dragged back down with it. But this serves as a reminder as to why I am doing all this.


Look What You’ve Done

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Sometimes we are given a gift; people come to us on this earth with an exceptional talent but much too often their pain is evident.

Their pain to me is a direct representation of what we all feel as we endure the unnatural state of society that we are now trapped in.

I see these people and I feel their pain; I feel loss. And it hurts that there are people in power that could work to minimise the pain that humanity suffers, but are instead wrapped up in their own greed. I blame these people for the loss of an infinite number of beautiful souls. How many more are we going to lose?

Hear My Plea: My Letter to You

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Confessions in Change

Dear the powers that be,

(whoever you are, the people who are supposed to be looking after us, the people that have the power to make a difference, the people who are supposed to have our best interests at heart, transparent and upstanding, for the good of the people – your people),

Have you ventured out into the real world recently? Have you noticed peoples pain and suffering, the inequality and injustices that people endure? Do you care?

I’m writing to you to tell you that I have stopped taking my medication; the medication I was put on to help with the pain, prescribed by the people I should trust in the medical profession, and who should trust that their diagnosis has come from a fully researched and funded sources. Or have they come from corporations that get rich off the sick and fail to heal them? Where would their money…

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Lyrical Rant

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Confessions in Change


In my despair, I turn to a universal dialect

Hoping that my words and tones will earn enough respect

Please take heed, forget your greed; instead just hear my message

Brought to you tonally, emotively yet passively aggressive


Whilst you’re drowning in your oil reserves I’ll shower you with love

In your fracking induced sink hole I’ll be helping from above

When you’re choking on your pennies, I’ll be the force you need

And I’ll stand by you with all my might and save you from your greed.

My song is confined by my quest to not pass blame

But it’s hard as an observer to watch this world in pain

When there’s people with the power to make the pain subside

If they’d only drop they’re power trip, put differences aside

Instead it’s just the bombs that drop whilst ignorance increases

The rich get rich and greedy whilst…

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